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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  September 30, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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region. debate night is three days away and we'll soon find out who's the most skilled not at make hiss point but avoiding the issue. i'll talk with an expert on the art of the dodge. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. i'm gary tuchman in today for randi kaye. it's 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. we thank you very much for starting your morning with us. we start in afghanistan where an american service meb has been killed by the afghan troops. we start with ben from the "daily telegraph" newspaper. ben, do we know how this clash began? >> reporter: what we do know is the clash happened at 5:00 saturday evening local time. the american and coalition forces say it was a suspected insider attack, one of these
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green-on-blue attacks, one we've been suffering. they won't give any more details. they say there was some kind of misunderstanding and then a clash at a checkpoint southwest of the capital. now, they won't say what the misunderstanding was, but it led to an argument and shots were fired. now, as well as one soldier being killed, also a foreign civilian contractor was killed and three afghans were also killed. so it doesn't look like this was the normal kind of green-on-blue attack. there have been significant casualties on both sides. >> ben, there will be a news conference, we understand, about this attack coming up in about 90 minutes from now. is that unusual have a news conference so soon after this. >> yes, i believe it is. it's being given by the deputy commander of the entire coalition. he said he'll make a statement on what happened yesterday evening and then we'll answer
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questions. it is unusual for someone so senior to give a press conference after such an event. ben, it's only been three days since the resumption of these joint forces. it's very early that this happened and it's tragic but is there a concern it's going put an end to them once again? >> reporter: yes, i think the coalition commanders will be very, very concerned about this. it's really one of their biggest problems at the moment, something like one in six of the coalition troops who are dying in afghanistan at the moment, dying at the hand of their allies. it was two weeks ago to scale back to try to prevent these green-on-blue attacks, especially while tensions were so high over the anti-islam film that was shown on youtube.
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these joint patrols are critical to what they're doing here, but now as you say, days after they started to resume the patrols it looks like there's been another of these greened on blue-strategies. >> ben farmer joining us from the capital of afghanistan. thank you very much. there have been at least 50, this one coming a few days after the ban was lifted. cnn's anna coren has more. >> reporter: behind these high walls is a prison of 7,000 inmates who say they're hell bent on becoming terrorists. one looked up behind bars. this 25-year-old believes he was carrying out god's will when he and his plans planned an attack on american soldiers. he says he agreed to wear a
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suicide vest and kill as many foreigners as possible. >> translator: it's a special feeling that comes to you when you're ready for a suicide attack. no one can stop you. no would could stop me. that is, the law. when police stopped him. he's now awaiting trial. proudly a member of the fwanl, he says no one encouraged him to do this. look at our situation, if we don't defend islam, then we are not muslim. suicide bombings and o'attacks are now daily occurrences in the war of afghanistan and the methods of insurgents are constantly changing. according to the prison boss. the enemy don't use their own tactics. now they use women, sometimes
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children and teenagers. they even get dressed up in uniforms. they don't fight face to face. they're cowards. >> reporter: the facts tell a very different story. authorities say just a few days ago a 10-year-old orphan boy managed to escape. they were going to make him wear a suicide vest so he could blow himself up in front of troops. he say he has a 4-year-old son who he loves and misses very much. when i asked him how he'd feel if his child was used as a suicide bomber. he said if he wants go a suicide bomber when he gets older, no one can stop him. if he follows islam and does it for islam, that's a good thing. at times he speaks with hatred in his eyes. other times he smiles.
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our real life starts after death. we just need to be patient. the afghan intelligence service and armed forces say they have foiled dozens of attacks in recent months and while that's an encouraging sign, he says there are thousands of others just like him, ready to put on a suicide vest and die for their country and their religion. anna coren, cnn, kabul. now we move to politics and more allegations of voter registration fraud in florida. the complaints center around a company originally hired by a company. the company is strategic consulting. "the new york times" reporting that suspicious registration forms have now been found in ten florida counties. we reached out to the florida republican party but the party says it could not comment on strategic ally.
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meanwhile in colorado one worker was caught on tape trying to register only mitt romney supporters. take a look. >> i am polling people but would you vote for romney or obama. >> wait. i thought you were registering voter a minute ago. >> i am. >> who are you registered? all voters? >> i'm actually trying to register people for a particular party. >> uh-huh. >> because we're out here in support of romney actually. i am. >> and who's paying you for this? >> oh, the -- let me see. we're working for the county clerk's office. >> okay. you cannot come out here and register one party, lady. are you working for the county clerk's office? i've got it all on tape. you're working for the county clerk's office? >> i believe so, yes. >> and you're only registering republicans? >> nope. >> you said you're only registered romney people. >> we're trying to to be honest.
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>> and you're workinger for the romney office? >> in all fairness she sounds confuse order afraid. either way she said she was working for the county clerk's office but they said that's absolutely not true. he also said my office does not and will not engage in partisan voter registration. one local official she actually worked for strategic allied. first of all the gop has fired the company. this from rnc ryan mahoney. we have zero tolerance for any threat to tin ted grit of elections. we have therefore cut ties with strategic allied consultants and urge state parties to do the same. the other stats followed suit and fired strategic. it is now being investigated by
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the first was 1960 with kennedy/nixon. mitt romney and barack obama will be live from denver. it is serious business, but there are also two games being played here. there's the expectations game the two campaigns have been playing. then there's the game of dodge ball. that's what we're talking about this morning. joining me now live is todd rogers. he's an assistant professor at harvard's kennedy school. thank you very much for joining us. >> hi, gary. thanks for having me. >> the artful dodge. what is that all about? >> so with a collaborator here at harvard, we've been doing psychological experiments to understand how its they politicians manage to evade questions without being detected so we've run a series of these experiments where viewers are randomly assigned to one of three conditions. in one condition they watch a video where a moderator asks a question that say as what will
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you do about the universal health care problem in the world. the politician said, i'll glad you asked me that. we need universal health care. we then splice out the question, have the moderator ask about the illegal drug problem. he answers the same thing and then a different group watches the moderator ask a question about universal terrorism. they think he's just as honest, trustworthy and likeable as the person who answered about health care and answered but they couldn't remember the question he was asked. they basically thought he asked about health care and answered about health care but when they asked him about the war on terror, everyone knew he dodged and thought he was a jerk. so basically if you're asking a similar question, no one
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answered. >> this is humerus. how long before we realize it's a dodge? >> we find that an egregious dodge is easily detected but for the most part viewers evaluate whether they like the speaker. it's do i want to have a beer with this guy. and so the default human evaluation is do i like this guy, is he trustworthy. so what they're capturing, taking advantage of is the human focus. >> in one of the cnn republican debates this past february, which has already been seven months ago, mitt romney didn't even try to dodge a question. he just said this. listen. >> as a government -- >> is there a misconception? >> you get to ask the questions you want. i get to give the answers i
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want. fair enough. >> all right. so why have moderators. just make statements. don't ask? i would imagine maybe there are people who say, all right, right on, mitt romney. did he get points for honesty or getting points taken away clearly for not even caring about the question. >> so they all do this and they're all trained to do this. what's interesting about this clip is mitt romney's honesty where he say this is the philosophy i have. you know, henry kissinger used to come to press conferences and say, who has questions for my answers, and that's a very -- that's what people are coached to do. what's unusual is mitt romney actually ar titiculating that. >> when we sit around and watch and someone says, he dodged the question, do you care for the most part?
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>> from our experiments we find that for the most part viewers don't notice, and that's because the answers are usually similar enough to the questions and cognitively it's really hard to follow each logical piece of a response and then keep linking it back to the question. so as long as it doesn't feel incongruous, most people don't notice. it's because humans have a limited amount of attention and they need to direct it to the most important thing and in this case it's social evaluation. >> joj, i issue a challenge to all of our viewers, look for the artful dodge this wednesday night and listen to what todd roger had to say about it. todd from the harvard kennedy school. >> thanks, gary. >> you can see the live coverage of the debate beginning at 7:00 eastern time. a fire destroy as house and now two children are missing. as a community desperately searches, a mystery unfolds. we'll explain.
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a mystery this morning coming to us from tennessee. two children brie assumed missing after their house was destroyed in a fire. authorities are searching for 7-year-old gage daniel and 9-year-old chloe leveret. both lived with the grandparents. here's the confusing part. the wobodies of the grand paren were recovered at the scene but no sign of the grandkids. >> reporter: more than a week after sifting through ashes and debr debris, authorities is have found no sign of the youngsters. no sign that the youngsters were
7:22 am
there and no sign with evidence they were when an inferno swept through the home that swept through the home. family and friends don't understand and neither does anyone else. helicopters equipped with infrared cameras found no signs of the children in surrounding woods either. the children were last seen playing in the neighborhood about three hours before the fire started last sunday night. did someone take them? the tennessee bureau of investigation issue and amber alert friday night calls the missing children endangered. authorities don't know what caused the fire, adding to the mystery. >> they say it was not an intentional fire but obviously there's more to it than that. >> reporter: the parents are not considered suspects. >> we're tired but we want to continue on until we figure out what's happening to these children. >> susan candiotti, cnn new
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a huge chunk of bridge came crash crashing down just narrowly missing the interstate.bed carm. fortunately no one has been injured. the u.s. dominated day two over defending champion europe. europe will be trying its best to win today. you can log on to and click on the world sports tab. police used pepper spray to break up a brawl outside the b.e.t. awards in atlanta lastite. the fight was between two.
7:28 am
anne hathaway is waking up this morning a married woman. cnn reports last night she tied the not with adam schulman in big sur, california. she's 29, he's 31 and they've been tating we're told for about four years. absolutelym schulman is an actor, also a jewelry designer. here's their view of the race for the white house. >> who here has a job? here we go. there we go. what do you do,er is? >> i'm a manager at burger king. >> there grow, having it your way. mitt romney is doing what he condition. he wants to unite america. unite america. the rich with the healthy, the poor with the indigenous, and the white with the caucasian. obama and romney had to agree to
7:29 am
32 pages of rules, 32 pages of rules. they had to both agree, both parties, both camps had to agree, rules 3r srules, 32 page. i mean it's like being a kardashian husband. we're in a deep financial hole. the numbers are bad. 23 million people out of work. but things are getting better. remember that movie the sixth sense? i'm like the kid in that movie. i see employed people. i know you don't see them. don't even know they're there. but one day all of you will be bruce willis, and you'll realize that do you were employed all along. mitt romney is doing what he can to try to broaden his appeal. in fact, in his latest policy ad, he's trying to target that 47% he alienate add couple weeks


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